About the Marin Swim League

The Marin Swim League (MSL) is a summer league dedicated to providing and preserving quality amateur competitive swimming events for its subscribing membership. The MSL fosters and promotes the ideals of good sportsmanship, fair play and good fellowship for participants of all ages and abilities in an environment that nurtures self-esteem in all the children it serves.

The Marin Swim League is dedicated to youth ages 5 – 18

The summer league swim season begins in March and ends with the Championship meet in mid-July. Registration typically begins in late January & February. Visit any of the 10 teams’ websites for more information.

Rules and Policies of the MSL:

Team Transfers within the Marin Swim League:
NOTE! If your swimmer is to be transfered from one MSL team to another, this form must be completed! Submit this completed for to the MSL Representative of your team.

Contact Information: 

Registration for the 2019 Season begins in January!

  • The specific registration period is different for each team.  Be sure to check back for more details in January. 
  • Be sure to check the individual teams website for specific dates!
  • The 2019 meet schedule is expected in December!


2019 Season Dual Meet Standings

The Marin Swim League dual meet season begins in May 2019. 

Team Won Loss
Lucas Valley Lightning
Marinwood Waterdevils
Novato Riptide
Rolling Hills Stingrays
Scott Valley Sea Serpents
Sleepy Hollow Sea Lions
Strawberry Seals
Swimarin Sharks
Terra Linda Orcas

2019 All Stars

The 2019 All Stars will be hosted by the Scott Valley Sea Serpents!

The Date and Time will be announced when the schedule is published.

Here’s the rotation schedule for hosting the All Stars!

  • 2019 Scott Valley
  • 2020 Tidalwaves
  • 2021 Novato
  • 2022 Swimarin
  • 2023 Rolling Hills
  • 2024 Sleepy Hollow
  • 2025 Marinwood
  • 2026 Strawberry
  • 2027 Terra Linda
  • 2028 Lucas Valley

2019 Champs

The 2019 Champs will be hosted by the Terra Linda Oras!

The Date and Time will be announced when the schedule is published!

Here’s the rotation schedule for hosting Champs!

  • 2019 Terra Linda
  • 2020 Lucas Valley
  • 2021 Scott Valley
  • 2022 Tidalwaves
  • 2023 Novato
  • 2024 Swimarin
  • 2025 Rolling Hills
  • 2026 Sleepy Hollow
  • 2027 Marinwood
  • 2028 Strawberry

2019 Schedule


  • The Lucas Valley Lightning does not have access to their pool, so all of their meets are “away”.
  • The May 4th meet with Sleepy Hollow and Novato will be hosted by the Sleepy Hollow Sea Lions.
  • The June 15th meet with Strawberry and Terra Linda will be hosted by the Terra Linda Orcas.
  • On the June 22 the meet with Rolling Hills and Novato will be hosted by the Novato Riptide.
  • Also on June 22, the location of the meet between Sleepy Hollow and Strawberry is not clear.

The Ten Teams of the MSL

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